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Juvenile Dependency

Mr. Fougerousse also practices in the area of Juvenile Dependency, which is the court system established to protect abused and neglected children from their parents. In his practice, Mr. Fougerousse frequently represents the interests of grandparents and other relatives of the children.

Oftentimes the goal of the grandparents is to step in and achieve a court-authorized adoption of the grandchild where the court has made a final determination that the parents, through drug addiction, criminal activity, etc., are incapable of providing a protected and safe home life for, including the proper nurturing and development of, the child.

Mr. Fougerousee is most passionate about protecting and defending the rights of children and nonoffending parents and grandparents in dependency matters, and he zealously advocates on their behalf. For help with your dependency matters, call Philip Fougerousse at his Merrit Island office: 321-877-3982. You can also reach the firm by email.

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